PIA00476: Venus - Multi-Floor Irregular Crater
Target Name: Venus
Is a satellite of: Sol (our sun)
Mission: Magellan
Spacecraft: Magellan
Instrument: Imaging Radar
Product Size: 517 x 592 pixels (width x height)
Produced By: JPL
Producer ID: P38290
Addition Date: 1996-11-22
Primary Data Set: Magellan MIDRs
Full-Res TIFF: PIA00476.tif (294.2 kB)
Full-Res JPEG: PIA00476.jpg (109.8 kB)

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This Magellan image shows an irregular crater of approximately 14- kilometer (8.7-mile) mean diameter. The crater is actually a cluster of four separate craters that are in rim contact. The noncircular rims and multiple, hummocky floors are probably the result of the breakup and dispersion of an incoming meteoroid during passage through the dense Venusian atmosphere. After breaking up, the meteoroid fragments impacted nearly simultaneously, creating the crater cluster. The area shown is 40 kilometers (25 miles) in width and 76 kilometers (47 miles) in length, it is centered at -21.4 degrees latitude, 335.2 degrees longitude in the northern Lavinia Region of Venus.

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